Real Estate Marketing Through Social Media

Case Study - Shirley Turner, Exit Realty Liftlock

Marketing for Real Estate in Peterborough can be fiercely competitive. There is no shortage of ways one can utilize online marketing to promote their business. The issue is: how do you get your message in front of the right people?

Truthfully, unless you already have a large and established platform online, getting in front of the right audience takes time. You have to start building your online presence by creating curated online content, that helps people understand your key messages.  Unless you're a professional graphic design or photographer in your spare time, the easiest way to do this is to get help.

"What does real estate social media content look like?" you ask.

Well, here are 5 examples of real estate marketing materials we've made at NV Media Productions:

1)  The "About Me" Video

This is one of the first things we recommend to clients looking to have a higher conversion rate on their website. People online are tired of seeing stock photos, and agent bios that don't focus on who exactly you are trusting to sell your home. Clients in the social media sphere want to really get to know who you are and what you stand for. What better way to do this then through a video?

 A recent study conducted by Eye View Digital claims that having a video on landing pages can increase conversions by over 65%.

Don't miss this opportunity to convert clients.

2) Lifestyle Photography

Within our social media packages, we like to include lifestyle photography because it's authentic. We want to help you use photography as a means to show your clients your value, rather than just your headshots.

Lifestyle Photography does well on social media because it tells a story. 

3) Advice Videos

Clients love free advice. Not only does it give them something to think about, but it positions you as an influencer within the field. It shows that this is your area of expertise and you have value to offer clients. As an add-on to this piece, if you have a free download linked to your website, it can ensure you're collecting emails and are growing your potential client base.

Giving something away for free can be a good way to gain client trust.

Check out this advice video below as a sample ---->

4) Branded Content  

Have a quote you want to share? Why not have your own personalized content. Increasing your brand awareness is a big part of being top of mind to potential clients, that is why we recommend posting branded social media content. Posting content on your social media page that isn't an ad will give people a reason to engage with you.

Engagement is key! 


5) Client Testimonials

We find client testimonial posts to be a great way to advertise yourself without being overtly promotional.  It's helpful to potential clients to hear the experience of others who have worked with you in the past.

Don't limit your testimonials to just your website, instead re-purpose those reviews you've received and use them on social media!

We create branded images to go along side, or alternaitvely we offer full testimonial video packages. 

These are just some ideas of how to use social media for real estate marketing! If you have any more, we'd be happy to chat with you and make your marketing dreams come true. Come talk with us!