To whom it may concern,

As much as our team at NV Media has appreciated the interest in joining our team, we are not currently hiring. Unfortunately, there is someone who has purchased the domain and is posing as our company. Some of the emails are stating that we are hiring a remote worker or account manager, which we are not. They are usually from the email address or, please be aware that this is not us. We apologize for any confusion. We have reported this domain and are working hard to make sure this stops.

To clarify, if you have received one of these emails, please disregard it and do not send them any personal or banking information. It is most likely someone looking to collect your personal information. Please do not give it to them by filling out any applications or requests for info they may have sent you. If you have sent them information please be sure to contact your local credit bureau such at Equifax, and let them know you may be at risk of identity theft.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter,

Bianca Nucaro-Viteri & Mercedez Nucaro

Co-founders of NV Media Productions